Studded Snow Tires
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Snow TiresSnow - A wide, low profile or large tire has to "plow" a wide path through snow which causes more resistance. The narrower the tire, the easier you can get through the snow. Snow Tires to help you get through it.

Studded Snow Tires to help you grip that bit more, and get you through the tough conditions. Nokian Studded Bicycle tire, & the Kumho I'Zen Studdable winter tire.

Studded Snow Tires

Nokian Studded

Studded Snow Tires - Nokian Bicycle Studs

Homemade ones have metal projecting through the tires and/or studs that don't stay in place. Commercial (Japanese) versions have widely spaced studs that are too soft and too small.
Nokian of Finland makes studded tires that have none of these problems. They do have lots of carbide studs (like minature car tire studs) that last for years.

The studs are embedded in the lugs and don't project through the tire, so you don't have to take special measures to protect the tubes. The casings and treads are sturdy and built to last.

Kumho I'Zen Stud KW-11

Studded Snow Tires - Kumho I'Zen

The Kumho I'ZEN Stud KW-11 studdable winter tires are designed to balance dry and wet road capabilities with snow and ice traction.

This makes them a good all-around choice at an affordable price where snowfall is typically light or infrequent.

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Site written by Neil Villette