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Tire AccessoriesTire Accessories - Tire Accessories including: Tire racks, tire covers, tire swings, rims, tire carrier and studs. These accessories can come in handy, aswell as some making your 'ride' look that bit better.

Spare Tire Covers to cover up your rear tire of your jeep. Here you'll find some plain looking tire covers and some picture ones. Make your vehicle look more attractive and individual!

Spare Tire Covers

Good Tire Cover

Spare Tire Covers - Good Tire Cover

Textured-finish vinyl fabric is available in two sizes. Double needle seam construction with multi-strand shock cord tacked inside hem area. (black only)

Better Tire Cover

Spare Tire Covers - Better Tire Cover

Polyester base fabric is covered with a textured vinyl finish. Available in three (3) sizes, these tire covers use durable double-needle seam construction with a multi-strand shock cord that's sewn inside the hem area.
The shock cord features corrosion-free clips at each end to allow the cover to be easily pulled over the tire before snapping the shock cord ends together. Available in black only.

Taz BackOff

Spare Tire Covers - Taz BackOff

Adjustable spare tire cover fits tires 26 3/4"-29".

Constructed of 80% cotton muslin, 19.7% black rubberized vinyl, .3% rubber and rayon blend (elastic tie down) for easy fit.

To clean, hose off or wipe with damp cloth.

Suzuki Vitara (2 Door)

Spare Tire Covers - Suzuki Vitara

Made of ABS Plastic Material with Vinyl Backing.

Fits Suzuki Vitara 2001 and Up!

  • Available Painted (additional $)
  • Available Unpainted: Raw-Ready for primer and paint.
  • Installs Easily.
  • Protects your tire.
  • Sleek Styling.
  • Tire Size 27 1/2" Diameter.

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