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Regul Tires aren't very popular. I've seen several sites containing Regul tires but no/little information or pictures on them. You could use the Ask Jeeves boxes to the top of the page for more results.

Regul Tires

Regul Sport Challenger

Regul Tires - Sports Challenger

The Regul Sport Challenger is "S" and "T" speed rated and designed to offer responsive handling and tighter cornering.

Along with its two full width steel belts that provide strength and durability, the Sport Challenger also features polyester body cords for a smooth ride.
What's more, its full depth sipes provide all-season traction, and lateral groves help channel water away. Let this tire's "hot" tread design open the door to performance enthusiasts in a wide range of vehicles.

Regul Tires

Regul Tires Pic

  • Tyre Size: 155 SR 13.
  • Speed Rating 113 MPH.
  • Overall Diameter: 22.80"
  • Cross Section: 6.10"
  • Tread Width: 4.00"
  • Load Capacity: 959 at 35 PSI.

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Site written by Neil Villette