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Paddle Tires for cars and motorbikes. Paddle Tires are also sometimes known as Sand Tires. Tires for motorbikes like the Maxxis Sand Pro C899 Paddle Tire. And Xtreme Paddle tires for cars.

Paddle Tires

Xtreme tires have been gaining ground as one of the leaders for sandcar and sand buggy paddle tires.

Xtreme Paddle Tires

Paddle Tires - Xtreme Paddle

No information available

Maxxis Sand Pro C899 Paddle Tires

Paddle Tires Maxxis Sand Pro

  • The ultimate weapon for extremely sandy or muddy conditions.

1300 Plus

Paddle Tires - 1300 Plus

This tire was created to meet the demands from increasing horse power and mid-engine designs and is the Big Brother to the competition winning "1300 Padla Trak".

Two inches wider than the 1300x15 Padla Trak this sand tire has 15% more floatation and bite. The tire works well on cars up to 1200 lbs.
It works very well on small 4x4's without modifying suspension. Recommended for use on 12 to 15 inch wheels with 15 inch diameters.


  • Rugged 4 ply nylon cord construction.
  • 31 inch height mounted on a 15" wide wheel at 5 psi.
  • 16 inch width.
  • Three paddle sizes.
  • Tire weight (play grooved) - 26 lbs.
  • Tire weight (competition grooved) - 21 lbs.

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