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Tire Manufacturers L-NManufacturers L-N - Tire Manufacturers & Dealers from L-N. Les Schwab Tires, Michelin, Mastercraft, Nitto, Nokian, National Tire and Battery and others.

Motorcycle TiresMotorcycle Tires - Motorcycle Tires, Dunlop, Discount, Scooter Tires, Avon, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin and Metzler Motorcycle Tires.

Metzler Tires, Metzeler Motorcycle Tires. Metsler tires, are motorcycle tires, and i think Metzeler only make tires for Motorcycles and not any other tire type.

Metzler Tires

ME 880 Marathon XXL Muscle

Metzler Tires - ME 880 Marathon XXL Muscle

  • The first radial tire for cruiser and custom bikes.
  • Features the latest degree Steel belt technology.
  • Light Rayon radial casting.
  • Front tires feature rounded tread profile and larger contact patch fo better traction and a softer ride.
  • Rear tires feature round tread profile and larger contact patch fo better traction and a softer ride.
  • Computer designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics and low noise.
  • Tread pattern has excellent water displacement ability and stability over rain grooves and under hard acceleration and braking.
  • Be concious of the difference between radial tires and bias ply tires when switching tires.
  • Ideal for High quality custom built cruiser bikes.

ME33 Laser Sport Touring

Metzler Tires - ME33 Laser Sport Touring

  • Available in H and V speed ratings for 130 or 150 MPH respectively.
  • Tubeless design.
  • Blackwall (BLK) sidewalls.
  • Available in standard and 90 series low profile.
  • Perfect mate for the ME99A, ME88, ME55A, and ME880 rear tires.
  • World renowned we weather tire.

ME55A Metronic Sport Touring Rear

Metzler Tires - ME55A Metronic Sport Touring

  • V speed rated for speeds up to 150 MPH respectively.
  • Tubeless design.
  • 4 ply nylon carcass.
  • "B" Designated tires utilize the Metzler belting system.
  • Improved handling, cornering and stability.
  • Good balance of mileage and performance.

Tourance Touring/Enduro

Metzler Tires - Enduro

Tubeless. Radial. Lets you take your touring-configured enduro bike for longer rides. Radial tires feature twin layer, 4-ply diagonal tire carcass construction.

Radial front and rear tires feature Metzeler's 0 degree steel belt technology. Tire compound provides long mileage, stable handling and touring comfort on road; tread design also handles light off-road riding. Optimized tread design reduces rolling noise.

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Site written by Neil Villette