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Tire Manufacturers H-KManufacturers H-K - Tire Manufacturers & Dealers from H-K. Hankook, Hoosier, Interco, Just Tires, Kelly, Kumho, Kenda and others.

Interco Tires. In 1968 Interco developed the first 78 series light truck tires which began the evolution in light truck tires we see today.

Interco Tires


Interco Tires - IROK

An exciting new "Super Performer". Many years of experience have gone into the IROK to develop a tire with traction 'as good as it gets' in mud, snow and rock climbing.

It has a directional tread in the famous Three Stage Lug design, scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, special sidewall features, extra tough cord and cut resistant compounds in a super traction package always.


Super Swamper TSL/Vampire

Interco Tires - Super Swamper/Vampire

The Super Swamper TSL/Vampire is the big brother to the Super Swamper TSL/ATV tire. The Vampire steps away from all other ATV tires.

The Super Swamper TSL/Vampire is as rugged as they come. The Vampires are 30% to 35% heavier than the regular Super Swamper.

The deep lugs give longer tread life with the 43/32nds of tread depth and unsurpassed forward, reverse and lateral traction.
The Vampires are so strong they continue to run under most load conditions even when punctured. As long as the Vampire does not become unseated from the rim the tire will almost always get you back... even without air.



Interco Tires - Bogger

The Super Swamper TSL/BOGGER is built primarily for the professional mud bogger. The tire is versatile... D.O.T. approved and street legal... easy to modify for the cut, open, and pro stock classes. A new design for a new generation of competition performance.



Interco Tires - Thornbird

The inset shows why the Interco TSL/THORNBIRD is such a Versatile tire. The highway contact area in the illustration shows the tread on hard surfaces.

The Three Stage Lugs on the sidewalls do not touch highway surfaces but as soon as the tire gets into mud or snow the sidewall lugs provide decisive traction in forward or reverse.
Fiberglass belts under the tread and polyester body plies contribute to a really smooth comfortable ride. The design comes close to being two tires in one... a revolutionary design that has earned its place in the legendary ranks of Super Performance.


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Interco Tire Corp - Tough tires for tough terrain.

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