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Goodyear TiresGoodyear - Goodyear Tires is one of, if not the worlds most well known tire manuafacturer. Goodyear Blimp, Wrangler Tires, Truck Tires, Eagle Tires, MTR, ATV, Gemini & Goodyear Tire Recalls.

Truck TiresTruck - Truck Tires from Bridgestone/Firestone & Dayton. Bridgestone R299, Firestone Rib Duplex, Dayton Radial Drive Deep Skid Truck Tires.

Goodyear Truck Tires. Commercial truck tires. Including line haul tires, special service tires & pickup & delivery tires. G397 LHS, Marathon LHT, G244 MSD, G178 Super Single, G670 & the Wingfoot DTR pickup/Delivery tire.

Goodyear Truck Tires

Line Haul - G397 LHS

Goodyear Truck Tires - G397 LHS

Newest Line Haul Steer Combines Advances in Mold Shape, Compounding and Manufacturing Technology for Dramatically Improved Even Wear and Removal Miles.


  • Strong polyamide top belt
  • Deep 18/32 tread
  • Premium casing and unique tread pattern
  • New mold shape, shoulder rib design, position-specific compounds and uniform belt area components
  • Lateral cross-slots and sipes
  • Damage resistance, prevention of rust propogation, enhanced durability and reduced shoulder wear
  • Increased miles to removal
  • Improved treadwear, fuel economy and excellent retreadability
  • Improved treadwear, even weight distribution and reduced cupping wear
  • Enhanced traction

Spec Service - G244 MSD

Goodyear Truck Tires - G244 MSD

The G244 MSD provides exceptional traction and resistance to cuts and abrasions for severe off-road use. Its ECD constuction and specialized tread compounds protect against punctures, rust and buzz-outs, while lowering running temperatures for increased highway mileage and casing life.


  • Aggressive tread pattern with wide lateral grooves
  • Enhancing Casing Design (ECD)
  • Specialized tread compound
  • 28/32 deep tread
  • Reduced rolling resistance tread compound
  • Penetration Protectors
  • Enhances off-road traction
  • Improves casing durability, puncture resistance and retreadability
  • Increased treadwear without sacrificing resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • Provides increased mileage and long wear
  • Delivers better fuel economy
  • Resist damage from stone drilling

Pickup/Delivery - G670 RV

Goodyear Truck Tires - G670 RV

All Position Rib Tire Designed for Optimum Ride Comfort on Class A Motorhomes


  • RV service-specific compounds
  • Shallow nonskid
  • Split #1 foundation belt system
  • Premium fuel efficient casing
  • High net to gross pattern
  • See-through circumferential grooves, additional notches and sipes
  • Improved treadwear
  • Lower heat generation for improved durability and reduced squirm for improved handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Fuel economy and retreadability
  • Treadwear and fuel economy benefits
  • Improved traction and reduced hydroplaning

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Goodyear - Truck tire products.

Line Haul - Marathon LHT

Goodyear Truck Tires - Marathon LHT

Super Single Trailer Tire for Line Haul Applications.


  • Low static loaded radius
  • Solid continuous ribs
  • Variable groove taper angle
  • Low rolling resistance tread compound
  • Large tread arc width
  • High net-to-gross
  • Lower trailer deck height, suitable for trailer matchup with tractors on 75 series tires
  • Low noise throughout tire life and balanced load distribution
  • ation of stone release
  • Fuel economy benefits
  • High lateral stability
  • Excellent removal mileage

Spec Service - G178 Super Single

Goodyear Truck Tires - G178

High Traction On/Off Road Super Single For Drive Axle Service.


  • Aggressive tread blocks and a computer aided tread design
  • High tensile steel radial casing and strong steel belt package
  • Tough tread rubber compounds
  • ECD - Enhanced Casing Design
  • Excellent off-road traction for positive grip in mud, sand and snow
  • Resists cuts, bruises, and punctures
  • Highly resistant to chipping and chunking
  • Improved durability, puncture resistance, and retreadability

Pickup/Delivery - Wingfoot DTR

Goodyear Truck Tires - Wingfoot DTR

A Drive Traction Radial Providing Lasting Value.

  • Computer-optimized 22/32 tread pattern
  • Open shoulder lug design
  • All steel casing and belts
  • Shoulder tie bars to stabilize tread contact area
  • Excellent removal mileage and uniform wear
  • Extra grip for all road conditions
  • Strong, durable casing with good retreadability
  • Even wear due to reduced tread squirm

Site written by Neil Villette