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Tire Manufacturers D-GTire Manufacturers D-G - Tire Manufacturers & Dealers from D-G. Dunlop, Dayton, Dunn, Falken, Goodyear, General Tires and others.

Fountain Tire sell tires of various brands and types. Tires & custom wheels for cars, trucks, minivans, SUV's. Farm tires, OTR/Mining, Commercial tires, & Industrial like forklift tires

Fountain Tire

Goodyear Integrity

Fountain Tire - Goodyear Integrity


  • High tensile steel belts
  • Polyester radial plies
  • Solid centerline and rib design
  • Offset shoulder elements
  • All-weather tread compound and highly bladed tread
  • Strength, long tread life and fuel efficiency
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Improved handling, steering and tracking, especially on wet roads
  • Excellent traction during acceleration and braking
  • Outstanding wet and dry traction

Super Star Radial GT

Fountain Tire - Super Star Radial GT


  • Double steel belts and polyester cord body
  • All-season tread pattern
  • Reversible image. Eight key sizes are blackwall only with stylized sidewall
  • Strength and durability
  • All-season traction
  • Raised white letters on one sidewall
  • Serrated black-on-black on the other

Eagle Ultra Grip GW3

Fountain Tire - Eagle Ultra Grip GW3


  • Unique high performance winter tread compound
  • High blade density with multiple biting edges
  • V-TRED technology
  • Winter Wear Indicator
  • Flange protector
  • Allows performance driving in all winter conditions
  • Increased grip in snow and ice with controlled wet and dry steering capability
  • Evacuates water and slush away from the contact patch
  • Improved safety
  • Prevents rim damage from curbs

Star Tires - Trail Buster A/P Radial

Fountain Tire Trail Buster


  • All-season, all-wheel position tread design
  • Polyester cord radial plies combined with two steel belts for strength
  • Polyester radial body plies for smooth rolling and comfort
  • Year-round traction
  • Black or white letter sidewalls, depending on size
  • Contemporary sidewall styling

Trelleborg - Twin Implement 404

Fountain Tire - Twin Implement 404

  • Low, flat profile
  • No radial bounce
  • Can carry heavier loads at low inflation pressures
  • Smooth, comfortable ride

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