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Tire Manufacturers A-CManufacturers A-C - Tire Manufacturers & Dealers from A-C. ATV Tires, Avon, Aurora, American, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Cooper and others.

Costco Tires, sell things from games to tires. Here you'll find just a few of what tires sell. Including, Michelins Energy MXV4, Michelin Pilot, BF Goodrich Radial & Bridgestone's Potenza RE950.

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Michelin® Energy MXV4

Costco Tires - Energy MXV4 (Click to enlarge)

Refinement to the utmost extent. The Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus with Radial XSE technology provides excellent responsiveness and superb wet traction thanks to a rounder profile, multi-function shoulder grooves and industry-leading silica-based rubber compounds. The perfect tire for today's leading touring coupes and sedans.

Luxury Touring

Michelin® Pilot XGT H4

Costco Tires - Pilot XGT (Click to enlarge)

The Michelin ® Pilot XGT H4 provides an exceptionally high level of performance characteristics in an H-performance rated all-season tire.

An official tire of Skip Barber Racing School, the Michelin Pilot XGT H4 is designed for drivers looking for tight, responsive handling in nearly any weather condition while offering long, even treadwear and a smooth, quiet ride.

All-Season Performance

BF Goodrich® Radial T/A

Costco Tires - Radial T/A

The BFGoodrich® Radial T/A is the tire that defined self-expression in the muscle-car era. It is now updated for the new millennium, but still retains the wide, competition look. The BFGoodrich Radial T/A offers superb lateral stability and steering response, exceptional wet and dry traction and long, even treadwear.

  • Genuine all-season traction and performance
  • Crisp Handling
  • High performance with low noise levels
  • Long, even treadwear
  • Sidewall style: Raised white letters
  • Speed Rating: S
All-Season Performance

Bridgestone® Potenza RE950

Costco Tires - Bridgestone Potenza (Click to enlarge)

The high performance that made the Potenza name so famous advances to an even higher level in the Bridgestone® Potenza RE950 with UNI-T AQII. The unique tread and sidewall design is inspired by the Bridgestone Potenza racing rain tire.

The tread features a center groove, which minimizes hydroplaning and adds agility on wet and dry roads. UNI-T AQII further reinforces the UNI-T AQ advantage of wet handling as the tire wears.

  • UNI-T AQII Technology.
  • All-season high performance tire.
  • Excellent wet and dry handling.
  • Sidewall style: Black wall.
  • Speed Rating: H
  • 45,000 mile limited tread wear warranty (for 65 & 60 series only)
  • 40,000 mile limited tread wear warranty (for 55 & lower series only)
  • Platinum pact limited warranty
  • 30 day test drive
All-Season High Performance

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Costco -, Sells things from video games to tires.

Site written by Neil Villette