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Tire Manufacturers A-CManufacturers A-C - Tire Manufacturers & Dealers from A-C. ATV Tires, Avon, Aurora, American, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Cooper and others.

Big 10 Tires is a store that sells tires. They sell tires from Bridgestone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Kelly Tires, Uniroyal & a few more well known brands.

Big 10 Tires

Below you will see just a few tires they sell

Big10Tires History

Big 10 Tires began in the tire business in May of 1954 in Pensacola, Florida, as a franchised dealer for O.K. Rubber Welders. The first year's sales were primarily in retreads and used tires with a total dollar volume of $54,000.

The name of the company was changed to Big 10 Tires in October of 1962 and became associated with Dayton Tire and Rubber Company as its primary supplier, with Michelin and Bridgestone as secondary suppliers.

Today, Big 10 Tire Stores, Inc. is one of the Southeast's largest independent tire retailers, with over 90 locations in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Future plans estimate 5-10 new store openings each year, and entering new markets throughout the Southeast.

Kelly Tires - Safari AWR

Big 10 Tires - Safari AWR

30 day ride guarantee. M&S rated for all-season traction.

Improved mold cavity shape provides a larger footprint and better load distribution for outstanding handling and stability.
Unique tread block elements deliver premium all-terrain, all-weather traction. 440 AB UTQG rating (p-metric sizes), 440 AC UTQG rating (p-metric XL sizes)


Big 10 Tires - Seiberling

  • Computer optimized tread pitch sequencing for a quiet ride.
  • Strength and Impact resistance reinforced by 2 steel belts.
  • Polyester body ply for smooth, comfortable ride.
  • 320 BB UTQG Rating.

Michelin - Energy MXV4 Plus

Big 10 Tires - Energy MXV4 Plus

Improved ride comfort, hauling progressivity and extended shoulder life all due to multi-function circumferential shoulder groove.

Better balance of wet and snow traction, treadwear and fuel efficiency thanks to next generation Radial XSE Technology smart compounds.
Exceptionally quiet ride due to the diagonal tread design that allows the computer-optimized tread blocks to "flow" through the contact patch.

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