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ATV TiresATV - ATV Tires from Goodyear and other manufacturers. Dirt Dog, Scorpion, Bear Claw tires and others. ATV Mud Tires & ATV Tire Chains to give you more traction.

ATV tires designed for the conditions of mud. Maxxiz Mudzilla, Tri-Claw Magnum 27", Super Swamper Vampire & Big Horn ATV Mud Tires.

ATV Mud Tires

Maxxis Mudzilla

ATV Mud Tires - Mudzilla (Click to enlarge)

MUDZILLA is designed for large 4 wheel drive ATVs, and their owners who are looking for the ULTIMATE in traction. This tires separates itself out from the crowd.

The Mudzilla is manufactured by Maxxis, and available in a variety of sizes.

  • Massive Tread Bars.
  • 1.5" tread depth for ultimate traction.
  • Step down tread for enhanced mud cleaning characteristics and lug strength.
  • Deep shoulder wrapping lugs for traction needed to pull through ruts.
  • Unique tread design offering the a smooth ride on hard packed surfaces.
  • Rim guard for maximum protection.
  • Raised white lettering.
  • Superior 6 ply rating.

Mud Machine Tri-Claw Magnum 27"

ATV Mud Tires - Tri-Claw (Click to enlarge)

The Tri-Claw Magnum has one of the deepest, most aggresive treads available.

This tire provides great mud cleaning characteristics and a smooth ride. One of the best traction tires on the market that refuses to get stuck! Available in 27" tire sizes only.


  • Six Ply Rating.
  • Aggresive Tread Design.
  • Self Cleaning Lugs.
  • Wicked tread, this tire performs!
  • Made in the USA.

Super Swamper Vampire

ATV Mud Tires - Swamper (Click to enlarge)

Here is a wicked tire that is based upon Super Swamper tread design, but is specifically engineered for muddier conditions.

The tire lugs are 1.34" deep, with the exception of the 28" tire having a 2" lug. Vampires are a wicked breed, rugged as the come.
The TSL Vampire has a strong, heavy sidewall that it will continue to run under most load conditions, even when punctured. As long as the tire remains seated to the rim, the tire will most always get you back....even without air. Vampires are a 4 ply tire, and excellent choice for your offroad ATV.

Big Horn

ATV Mud Tires - BigHorn (Click to enlarge)

Here is a more general purpose tire suitable for desert, dirt and rock conditions. This tire has extra lugs on the shoulder to protect the sidewall and rim.

  • Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Raised white lettering on one side.
  • Suitable for desert, dirt and rock.
  • 6 ply rating.
  • Manufactured by Maxxis.

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